Friday, November 1, 2013

Heli Boarding a Travelers Documentary

 This short documentary follows four young gentelmen on their quest to Heli-board the iconic Swiss alps. In 2012, Lloyd Garden, a student at Sierra Nevada College, and Andrew Gauthier, an alumni of Sierra Nevada College, set out to the Alps from Lake Tahoe for a life changing experience. Motivations for this journey included education, snowboarding, and overall exploration. The true vision for this trip developed over time to become a once in a lifetime Alps Heli-Skiing Trip. There were many challenges, shenanigans, and danger along the way. However, car crashes, deep powder, Guinness races, train rides, glaciers and Italian Police all made this journey one to remember. Finally, the explorations, ended at 16,000 Ft outside of Zermatt Switzerland with boards at the ready and a white canvas in the distance. This is their journey.

Lloyd Garden
Andrew Gauth
Bruno Bocti
Maxime Piekarski

Heli Ski Company:

Wake Me Up (Instrumental) By: Avicii
Shuriken By: Madeon

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