Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weeks Go By

      Its been another two weeks here in Switzerland and I already feel like time is moving to fast! The powder has been so amazing and I keep meeting more and more people who want to snowboard and are interested in joining me on a Heli skiing trip over spring break here in Switzerland. School is starting to take up more and more of my time. I really like my classes out here, I feel they are more direct and on point with the topic of the classes. The majority of the classes I am taking out here are marketing classes with topics like "brand management" and international marketing" However I have to say my favorite class so far is "Sports and entertainment in the media". In this class I am really learning how the media can use a company and how a company can use the media, it seems to be a tricky science that I am very interested in learning. I am also taking a economics class called "economics for hospitality tourism & leisure" this is a very specialized economics class as it is the only economics these hospitality students receive. Having taken many economic classes and having a huge interest in the subject I am finding it interesting to see the way other cultures look at economics and seeing the way it interacts with tourism. the class has been mostly review for me thus far yet the case studies have been very interesting and I feel I will learn more that will be useful to me and my career in the ski industry. (also we have been able to watch part of the global economic forum happening here in Switzerland)
All of my classes have us doing group projects and I've begun to start working on a few and having group meetings, these projects are very serous compared to SNC and make up 90% of are grade. I did not go snowboarding as much as I would have liked in the past weekend but still here is a photo from an amazing day at Le Moleson!  Next weekend I will be traveling to Milan Italy to see some of the historic churches and what not. I look forward to making another video blog of that as well. Also, if you haven't already watch my video from last weekend of me and a few buddies shredding some amazing powder. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucI6F3lYmkY
Lloyd W. Garden

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  1. Hey this is random but my name is Alex and I got your email from Ramona the Glion rep. I am the opposite of you: grew up in CA and now study in CO. I am looking into Glion and I was hoping we could chat over email or whatnot about what it is really like. My email is alex.slifkin@gmail.com and I'd love to speak to you soon if you have the time.
    Also thanks for the blog posts, looks like your study abroad is going great!