Thursday, January 24, 2013

First post here in Switzerland

Arriving In Switzerland
         I arrived in Switzerland early saturday the 19th after landing I managed to meet a fellow american who was studying at Glion. We went through customs together (which was extremely easy)  and after finding out there would be a solid 2hr wait for our shuttle to school we went to the bar. The other swiss in the airport looked at us quite differently as they saw to americans drinking tall boys at 7:30am. Chris told me some helpful things about living in switzerland and we hit it off, unfortunately he is located on Glion's other campus in Montreux.

The shuttle ride to school was an adventure of its own. The Glion campus in Montreux where we stopped first is located half way a mountain that over looks a beautiful lake much like lake Tahoe expect these are extremely steep mountains that pierce through the clouds. The bus driver managed like most buss drives to pass the school and become completely lost, which would of been fine if we weren't on a steep mountain pass full of switch backs and in a charter bus with a trailer attached to the back... it was quite thrilling watching the driver do 3 point turns to make a switch back and the amazing 8 point turn around turn at the top. we eventually made it and dropped off the kids at that campus and moved on to the Glion campus where I am in attendance in in Bulle switzerland.

I am on my 4th day of school now and I am making many friends and have tons of free time as most of my classes don't start to next week. The school is very strict and will taking some getting used to their new and different polices but I am confident that I will do fine. My apartment is large and modern and I absolutely love the view of the swiss alps from out my window. I live with 3 other 6th semester kids so seniors if you will, 2 of them are from Liberia in Africa and the other is from france.

I will write more later and start my video blogs soon im sure there will be lots to share as my first weekend is fastly approaching and I have many plains for partying and snowboarding in the Swiss Alps.

Lloyd W. Garden

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  1. Lloyd - Where's the 7:30 am arrival/ tall boys photo & video blog?! The suit suits you. Watch out! Enjoy Glion... and the Pow --- rcw